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ValleCamonica In Lingua (VCIL) uses a method called Vocabulary Conversation which has been used as a successful method in teaching english as a second language.

Based on the VoCo method each student will practice the English vocabulary they have learnt in a conversational style that puts each learning session into context. This style will assist the learner to retain the new language which will then make it easier to move to the next level of reading and writing in english.

What is the VoCo method?

It is a method created to stimulate the ability of speaking in a comfortable and intense learning environment. The format of 'Questioning and Answering' ensures the active participation of each student to maiximise the learning experience.

The objective of this method is to ensure that english becomes a natural way of thinking, writing and speaking for each student. Students will learn by speaking new vocabulary in each lesson which will help put the gramatical rules of english in context. This method will help you ''think in English''

The structure of the lesson includes:


Each lesson will introduce new vocabulary and sentences specific to each level. Repetition and Practice will ensure that the new language is retained.


The quickest way to learn english is to practice speaking the language by putting it into context. Each class will give students the confidence to practice their english skills in a safe environement which will help to overcome the fear of speaking in a different language.

By using the VoCo method the rules of English grammar are automatically assimilated by the students in the teaching and practice of the spoken language.

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