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The curriculum developed by ValleCamonica In Lingua (VCIL) is divided into 6 levels which allows to evaluate the level of English reached by each student.

1. Beginner
You will be able to understand people that speak in a clear and easy way on everyday topics. You can introduce yourself.

2. Elementary
It is possible to express opinions. You are able to understand people that speak in a clear way and have a brief general converstaion.

3. Pre-Intermediate
You are able to ask for information and give detailed instructions. It is possible to have basic conversations with precise mother tongue speakers.

4. Intermediate
It is possible to interact with people, give and ask for suggestions. It is possible to follow and understand a conversation between mother tongue speakers, intervene and interact in that conversation.

5. Upper-Intermediate
You are able to speak with confidence and accuracy. You can express yourself in a variety of ways. You can understand long and complex sentances.

6. Advanced
At this level you could be mistaken as a mother tongue speaker.

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